How to Lay Mulch Over Dirt? 10 Steps

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Knowing how to lay mulch over dirt is an intelligent habit, but what exactly is mulch? Mulch is a term that refers to any substance that is utilized to cover the soil surface.

Mulching your lawn over dirt is a very affordable and straightforward task for a homeowner. Mulch aids in regulating soil temperature and retaining soil moisture, both of which are beneficial to the health of your plants. Organic mulches also supply nutrients to your plants as they decompose. Before you begin, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the wide varieties of mulch available and how lay mulch over dirt.

Basic Steps of Laying Mulch Over Dirt 

Step 1: Using a manual edger, create a new border around the dirt area.

step 1 using edge to create fine edges

Step 2: Remove any existing mulch to expose the dirt

step 2 removing existing mulch

Step 3: Fill a wheelbarrow with the excavated mulch, dirt, and grass and place it in the compost bin.

step 3 using wheelbarrow

Step 4: Snip any secondary root growth around the tree using pruning shears.

step 4 removing extra roots

Step 5: Remove all of the old mulch from the trees or plant’s surroundings if your soil has any.

step 5 removing old mulch from tree

Step 6: Hire a truckload of mulch to be delivered to your driveway.

step 6 mulch pile to get it on dirt

Step 7: Fill the wheelbarrow with mulch, and then move it to the garden bed using an ensilage fork.

step 7 using ensilage fork

Step 8: Rake the mulch to a depth of 1 to 2 inches. Make sure not to lay mulch against the plants’ bases.

step 8 raking mulch

Step 9: Use a rake to rake the mulch away from the garden bed’s outside border, making it more straightforward to cut the grass with a string trimmer.

step 9 using rake properly

Step 10: Cover the tree’s base with an inch of mulch, keeping it away from the trunk.

step10 covering tree area with mulch

Precaution During Mulching 

  • Wear gardening gloves at all times.
  • When using compost and potting soil, keep it wet.
  • Do not inhale any of the mixtures.
  • After Mulching, always wash your hands thoroughly.

Benefits of Mulching Over Dirt 

Preen, pre-emergent Mulch, should be used twice a year. Here are the benefits of mulching over dirt:

  • The newspaper will decompose after a few years and provide some additional nutrients. 
  • It will no longer be effective in suppressing weeds. 
  • Landscape fabric can trap organic debris in the mulch and provide an environment for weeds to grow, making adding or transplanting other plants difficult.

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