What Does Mulching Mean on Lawn Mower?

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With the advent of modern technologies in machinery, our lawns and yards can have a great aesthetic and desirable look. It has really become possible to get the best out of your lawn using simple hacks that save you a lot of time.

Yes, I am talking about mulching your lawn.

What Does Mulch Mean on Lawn Mower?

To understand “What does mulch mean on lawn mower?” you need to understand a few terms first that will help you out to understand the basic answer to this question.

Those terms are mulch, mulching mower, and mulching blade.

Let’s break it down further so you can have a clear concept.

What Is Mulch?

In simple words, mulch is a dead material that covers the topsoil.

Grass Mulch

In this context of our discussion mulch means:

“Dead part of a plant (leaves, weeds, or grass clippings) that reside on the topsoil of your lawn to nourish it in a good way”

So, you can get a rough idea that mulch is about cutting leaves, grass or weeds and letting them decompose on your lawn.

Let’s move on to how a mulching mower comes into play:

What Is Mulching Mower?

A mulching mower in simple words is:

“A mower that produces mulching during mowing”

A mulching mower is basically a lawnmower that has pre-installed features to produce mulch.

Its working is also simple to understand.

When you start mowing, a mulching mower picks up the grass and cut it into smaller piece repeatedly. Those pieces are finally thrown out in between the grass blades. Those pieces are called mulch.

A mulching mower or a grass mulcher has a round deck, mulching blade, and some good horsepower to operate.

Don’t get confused here with a mulching blade, I have explained it below.

What Is Mulching Blade?

A mulching blade is a blade that produces mulch when it rotates under the deck of a lawnmower. It is the blade that sucks up the grass and cut it to produce the fine mulch.

Now you have a good notion about what a mulching mower is as a whole and how it works.

So, when the question comes “What does mulching mean on lawn mower?”:

It merely means a lawnmower is a mulching mower that after mowing produces fine pieces that are called mulch. In other words, mowing with the help of a lawnmower means mulching with a lawnmower.

After mowing with a mulching lawnmower you will be producing and adding mulch to your lawn.

This kind of mulching brings tremendous benefits to your lawn as mulch adds N:P:K to your lawn which you can say is a basic fertilizer.

This fertilizer/mulch will nourish your lawn and add to its aesthetic value.

Here you need to keep in mind that:

A mower can be a lawn mower with mulching capabilities


It is just a regular lawnmower that you can convert into a mulching mower by removing the regular blades and installing the mulching blades in it.

This is where it concludes our topics, Let me know your thoughts in the comment. Thanks.

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