When to Mulch in Spring? Best Time Explained

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From the starting of mulch people are curious about using the mulch right. As mulch is rising trend in many areas and the benefits of its to your lawn, garden or anywhere in your homeplace are catching attention. With the use of mulch many questions come to the mind like when to mulch in spring, best mulching time in different areas, how to mulch, is mulching better in spring and many more.

Our main topic of discussion is the mulching in spring here. Let’s address it right away.

When to Put Mulch Down in Spring? Best Time to Mulch in Spring

To address the answer to the question “when to put down mulch in spring” you can follow the thumbrole as written below:

As a thumb role, the best time to mulch in spring is middle to late of spring. Like you can begin to put down mulch starting from 30th of march to 20th of June. I mean that’s the perfect time when your soil just gets a good warmth (heat) from the sunlight in start of spring. During this time period also, there is a chance of rain, so mulching after rain is sweet spot.

A good sun bask to your soil is necessary to keep up its quality as:

  • This heat kills unwanted disease spreading organisms
  • Bring good temperature to let your seedlings grow well
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Keep soil fertile
  • Let your soil look good

Now you know the thumb role of when to lay mulch in spring.

There is another question which mulch is better for what.

So ,here I have break down into three mulch types that you will be using at the right time for the respective plants.

Inorganic or Plastic mulch: Plastic mulch is good for heat-loving vegetables like tomatoes, okra, eggplant, cowpeas (a.k.a southern peas) sweet potatoes, tomatillos, New Zealand spinach, bell peppers, hot peppers etc.

Organic mulch: Organic mulch is good for perennials, tree, and cold loving vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, sweet onion, garlic, leeks, rhubarb, rutabaga, broccoli, kohlrabi, kale, cabbage, chicory, Brussels sprouts, corn salad, arugula, fava beans, radish, mustard, Austrian winter pea etc.

Here I would like to make you clear about what if you get late or do it earlier. As you should know what’s better for your soil or what’s good before getting into anything. Let’s deep dive into it:

What if You Do Early Mulching?

Getting things done is also not good when it comes to mulching.

Actually, when the winter is getting away and the season in your area is merging into spring, it is the time when soil gets warm and recover itself from the freeze and cold of winter.

So, to recover from freezing temperatures of winter, your soil needs some warm from the sunlight.

If you cover this soil with mulch before the sunlight reaches the soil, then your soil won’t be able to gets warm and recover. It will cause problems like less seedling growth, fungal diseases, roots rotting and many more.

So, its better to not mulch earlier as it will cause many side problems.

What if You Do Late Mulching?

Getting late with the late mulching brings certain outcomes that you don’t like.

If you do late mulching like after spring the soil loses moistures due to high temperature and won’t support your plants efficiently. So, you may face more water irrigation problems and weeds growth.

That’s why mulching late isn’t a good option to opt.

Last but not least is a hot question that I come across many times which I would like to address here in the context of discussion. Down below it is:

When to Mulch Flower Beds in Spring?

Best time to mulch flower beds in the spring is the mid of spring. Mid of spring will the 30th of march. Following the 30th of march in your area if there is rain then try to mulch after rain around 7am in morning or 7pm in evening. This is the perfect time to mulch flower beds as applying mulch at that time will prevent moisture loss of your soil and keep the temperature fluctuations of your soil in control.

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