How Often to Mulch Lawn? How Often Should I Mulch My Lawn?

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Is your lawn grass dying due to mulching? Are you facing issues of weeds in your lawn? Is there any problem regarding moisture retention in your lawn? You must reconsider the mulching routine of your lawn. Apart from the beneficial properties of mulch such as preventing soil erosion, regulating soil moisture, and providing health advantages, some things you need to consider when you are mulching.

Here I will be discussing everything about “how often to mulch lawn”. As it is the deciding factor in the health and life of your grass. When I used my mower and perfect mulching blade, I came to know a fact that the number of times you mulch your lawn matters a lot. That is what I have broken down below so you get a good idea.

How Often Should You Mulch Your Lawn?

how often should i mulch my lawn

The first question that comes to mind is how you are going to take an estimate on how often you are going to mulch.

Actually, it depends on the following factors:

Size of Grass

The size of grass matters a lot when you are mulching. Grass normally grows and sizes 1-3 cm in a week. Then you should mulch it after one week to ten days.

If the growth of your grass is slower you should mulch it with a 15-20 days gap.

This way it will keep your lawn healthy and won’t affect grass growth.

Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight exposure also affects your mulching performance indirectly. As more sunlight keep the grass dry so you can probably mulch it when it is dry.

And here you apply the same thumb rule of mulching once a week depending upon the grass growth.

Air Moisture

Air moisture is another major decider for how often you should mulch your lawn. As more humid air keeps your grass wet. And it is a bad idea to mow over wet grass.

If you living in an area where your grass often gets wet then you should probably mulch once a month to avoid poor results and bogging of your mower’s engine.

Soil Type

Soil type also matters. You can do N:P:K test of your lawn soil from a licensed firm in your area. This way you will see you need to add mulch to your lawn or you need to bag it instead.

If your soil already has nutrients then you can add mulch to your lawn after a month or two.

if soil’s nutrient status is poor then you should mulch it once a week.

Mulching Mower Performance

A mulching mower is a secondary factor but is worth mentioning here.

Mulching mower performance refers to the cut size of grass clippings. If your grass clippings coming out of the mower are more than an inch then you should mower at least twice the same trip when mulching with a mower.

If the cut size of clippings is fine then you should mulch after 5 days top.


To summarize, mowing your lawn once a week is a good idea if your grass is growing with a normal growth rate. If your grass is wet, then you should mulch after 15-20 days. The rest of the mulching schedules depends on mower condition, grass size, season, soil, and condition.

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